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Together Part 3 - Alternative Ending 
5th-May-2008 03:34 pm
Title: Together 3/3 - Alternative Ending!
Pairing: MinSuHo, JaeChun
Rating: NC 17
Summary: It´s been a while since some Anti Fans broke into the Apartment - assaulting Changmin - but it isn´t over yet...
Words 3644
Beta-reading not yet ^^;
Warning Angst
Disclaimer I own nothing..just that stupid mind of mine. No making money with it either. *sighs*

this is an alternative Ending.
It didn´t leave my mind and I wanted to bring it to an end. So this is how it also could have happened. If you rather want a more "Happy Ending" you should read the first version of that last chapter. But if you want to see what could have happened if the Anti´s really went bad on Min - well, read on.

Chapter 1 / 3 Chapter 2 / 3 Chapter 3 / 3 (first version)

Chapter 3/ 3 - alternative ending
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